Aligner Chewies

Aligner ‘Chewie’s’ are crucial to achieving success with Invisalign treatment and using them is just as important as wearing your aligners for the recommended 22 hours every day.

The chewie’s work by ‘massaging’ your aligners comfortably around your teeth and also help to move your teeth so they’re ready for your next set of aligners.

aligner chewies


After putting your Invisalign aligners in your mouth, position the chewie between your front teeth and between your canine teeth on both sides. Bite down firmly on the chewie for 10 seconds and then rest for several seconds. Continue this process two more times in each spot so no gaps appear between your aligners and your teeth. Chewie’s should be used at least twice each day, morning and night.

There will likely be specific areas of your mouth which you need to focus on with the chewie’s. If you find any gaps between your aligners and your teeth (where the aligner looks thicker), then keep using chewie’s on those areas until there are no more gaps.

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