Insignia Braces

Customised braces that gets results

Insignia braces uses the same brackets and archwires used in traditional metal braces, however rather than giving all patients ‘off-the-shelf’ braces, each bracket and archwire is customised to your teeth. The advanced technology used with Insignia braces allows our orthodontist to ensure your braces are more comfortable and you’ll achieve a healthy and confident smile faster.

How does Insignia work?

Once our orthodontist has confirmed that Insignia braces will be the most beneficial appliance for your needs, we’ll begin by customising a treatment plan. Using cutting-edge 3D software, we’ll analyse your facial profile to discover the ideal position where your teeth should be located. Once this has been calculated, our software will begin to create a customised set of braces for your teeth. The best part about our software is that you can see how your new smile and straight teeth will look once treatment has finished.

What are the advantages of Insignia braces?

  • Comfort – Rather than using ‘off-the-shelf’ braces, your Insignia braces will be far more comfortable because they have been customised for your teeth and will fit perfectly.
  • Customisation – Our Insignia smile design technology allows us to design your braces specifically for your teeth which means you’ll achieve a confident smile faster.
  • Speed – Treatment has proved to be faster and more effective with Insignia braces simply because your braces are designed for your teeth only.
  • Convenience – With more effective treatment and reduced treatment times, you’ll require fewer orthodontic appointments.
  • Results – With Insignia’s 3D software, you’ll discover what your new teeth and smile will look like before you begin treatment.

Are Insignia braces suitable for me?

If you’ve been referred to Clear Invisible Braces for orthodontic treatment, Insignia braces will likely be a feasible treatment option for you. At your free initial consultation, we’ll evaluate your orthodontic needs and recommend the most beneficial treatment option which will yield the most efficient and effective results.

Even if your dentist hasn’t referred you to our clinic, contact us today if you’d like to discuss our teeth straightening options.

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