Propel Pro⁵

If you’re having orthodontic treatment with Insignia braces or Invisalign, Propel Pro⁵ can help you accelerate your treatment time by as much as 40%, allowing you to show off your new smile sooner!

What is Propel Pro⁵?

Propel Pro⁵ is a small, hands-free device that delivers gentle vibrations to your teeth and jaw which safely speeds up the tooth movement process. The device is only needed for 5 minutes each day to accelerate bone remodelling and achieve faster treatment times. Simply place the device in your mouth and bite down gently; Propel Pro5 will monitor your session and switch off automatically when finished.

How long does Propel Pro⁵ take?

Propel Pro⁵ is always used together with Insignia braces or Invisalign and can reduce your treatment time by up to 40%. All you need to do is wear the device for 5 minutes every day.

What are the advantages in using Propel Pro⁵?

In addition to reducing your treatment time, Propel Pro⁵ also reduces the level of discomfort you’ll experience when undergoing Insignia braces or Invisalign treatment, leading to a safer and more comfortable experience.

If you’d like to find out more about Propel Pro5, book a free consultation with us today.

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